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Your Style, Your rules, your recruitment

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Formal recruitment is an exciting week full of conversations and meeting so many new and amazing women. It is a week to find where you fit in and belong. A week to find your new home and women you will be able to call sisters. Through this process, you will get to know each sorority as they show off who they are, but at the same time, they will get to know you. One way to give a glimpse into who you are, is through the outfits you wear. It gives a snapshot of your personality, so have fun with what you choose to wear and express yourself. For those wondering what to wear, needing some inspiration, or just like to read our blogs, this is for you! Keep in mind that outfits do not have to break the bank, look in your closet at things you already have, shop on websites you feel comfortable buying from, look for sales and student discounts.

Recruitment is split up into rounds, and each round has different outfit requirements:

Round one, open house, is the most casual and this year it will also be virtual so don't stress about your outfit for this round!

Round two, philanthropy and community service, is more dressed up than round one but still a casual summer outfit. Skirts, rompers, and cute shorts are all good ideas. Keep in mind that this day has a little bit of walking, so be sure to dress for success (as in please don't kill your feet this day).

Round three, sisterhood and house tours, gets a little nicer. Have fun and get dressed up with a flowy skirt or a flirty sundress. While you will still be walking around on this day, dressy shoes/heels are good for this day!

Round four, Preference, is the most formal day. Nice dresses, such as ones you would wear to a summer wedding, or a jumper are the most popular. You will not be walking very much on this day so feel free to strut your stuff in whatever shoes you feel comfortable in!

All the chapters want to see you be true to yourself through your outfits but the truth is, outfits do not define you and they do not have any determining factors. Do not stress over what others think about your outfit, or if your best friend is wearing shorts and you planned on wearing a skirt. Have fun and be creative, but most importantly be comfortable in what you are wearing so you can be the most confident you! For more inspiration check out @phcatkstate !!

Written by Katie Rhodes

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