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My Jeans Protest Violence

So what is Denim Day?

Denim Day began earnestly in 1999, after a young Italian woman had the injustice of experiencing her rapists’ conviction being overturned. Any guilty defendant’s conviction being overturned is a devastating event, but to add salt to the wound, the Supreme Court’s opinion illustrated a victim blaming narrative. They said that the woman’s jeans were so tight that the perpetrator needed her help removing the jeans from her body, implying that she consented to her own sexual assault. The following day, the women of the Italian parliament came to work wearing jeans to show their support for the victim. The Denim Day campaign began locally and eventually spread internationally to bring awareness to victim blaming and negative myths that surround the facts of sexual violence. An estimate made by states that 35% of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence from a non-partner. Even more startling, the estimated percentage of women who have experienced physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner is a staggering 70%. These are numbers that Alpha Chi Omega members aim to decrease educate others on.

Consent is an explicit statement to be made between both partners. Clothing, behavior or consciousness doesn’t have the capacity to make a decision for any human. The Italian Supreme Court’s decision in 1999 wasn’t the first or the last occurrence of victim blaming. Participation in Denim Day and actively educating yourself and those around about the meaning of consent is one of the greatest ways to spread awareness about intimate partner violence. Facts and figures don’t lie, and those facts and figures surrounding domestic violence don’t seem to be decreasing. Join millions of people on April 29, 2020 by wearing your jeans in support of survivors of sexual violence. Alpha Chi Omega commits itself to spreading awareness and supporting the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. By participating in denim day, the women of Alpha Chi are able to stand up against the victim blaming narrative and stand by women who aren’t able to stand for themselves.

Written by Payton Fenwick

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