Academic Interest

We recognize that we are all here to further our education, graduate, and get a degree, first and foremost.  Last semester, Alpha Chi's, along with the other 13 sororities at K-State, average GPA was above the university's all women's average GPA.  Throughout the semester we reward our sisters with a 4.0 GPA by spotlighting them on our instagram every Friday, which we call 4.0 Friday! Alpha Chi also offers study hours at our chapter house to all members along with many other resources to help our sisters succeed and reach their fullest potential academically.

 The most beneficial of all is our sisters themselves.  Whether it's always having someone to study with, or being able to talk to an older sister about a class she's already taken, or simply having a sister around to support and encourage you to be your best, our sisters are there!

Our involvement

Not only are our sisters incredibly involved within our chapter, but we are also actively involved in other organizations on campus as well as in the Manhattan community.


Some of our sisters are ambassadors for their respective colleges, including arts & sciences and interior design.  Others are members of various honor societies.  More still are involved with major-specific clubs, pre-professional clubs and student organizations, including Student Foundation.


We have also had sisters who participate in the fine arts through both the university and the Manhattan theatre club.  They have been in plays, dance recitals, choir and orchestra concerts.  We have also had sisters who have been members of K-State athletic teams as well as some who participate in university sponsored intramurals.

We have also had several sisters participate in various study abroad programs that have allowed them to go to places such as Madrid, Spain; Prague, Czech Republic; and London, England.

Additionally, there are sisters who regularly volunteer around the Manhattan area at the crisis center and nursing homes.  There are also several sisters who work during the semester.