Virtual House Tour

  • Front of House

    Alpha Chi Omega

    Front of house
  • Formal Living Room

    Formal 2016

    Formal Living Room

  • Living Room

    This is our living room where we can hang out, watch our favorite TV shows, and socialize.

    Front of living room
    Diagonal living room
    Back of living room
    Living room with TV
  • Dining Room

    Dining room 2016

    This is our dining room where we enjoy meals, talk, craft, and study.

  • Phone Booth

    Phone Booth

    This is where our mailboxes and house phone are located.

  • "Together Let Us Seek The Heights"

    Together let us seek the heights study room

    This is Alpha Chi Omega's motto, and something we strive to achieve each day.

  • Study Room

    We provide computers and free printing for our sisters to use.

    study room 1
    study 2
    study 3
  • Downstairs Bathroom

    Downstairs bathroom

    This is the lower-level restroom. It is roomy and has storage for each woman's toiletries.

  • Downstairs Room

    This is an example of the 2-girl rooms. It comes with a desk and closet for each girl and their own couch.

    downstairs 2
    downstairs room 1
  • Back TV Room

    Back TV Room

    This is our back TV room. It's a smaller hangout room where girls can gather with their sisters and watch TV or movies, and is also a guest room.

  • President's Room

    President's room

    Our chapter president and her roommate live in a larger room downstairs. Her door is always open for chapter members to ask a question or just come and hangout!

  • Downstairs Hallway

    Downstairs hallway

    The downstairs hallway has bulletin boards highlighting academic achievement and resources, Alpha Chi Omega's ritual, and resources for health and well-being.

  • Stairs and Foyer area


    This is our main entryway upon walking in the front doors to Alpha Chi Omega.

  • Upstairs Hallway

    upstairs hallway

    This is the upstairs hallway where all of the four-person rooms are located. There are also closets with crafting supplies and costumes that we've accumulated over the years for events like homecoming and date parties.

  • Upstairs Bathroom

    upstairs bathroom

    This is one of the two upstairs bathrooms. Like in the downstairs bathroom, each woman receives a storage space to store her toiletries.

  • Upstairs Room

    This is an example of an upstairs room. They are four-person rooms and each woman has her own desk, closet space, and drawers along with a vanity. Each room has its own personality and we encourage our members to make their spaces their own.

    upstairs 1
    upstairs 2
    upstairs 3
    upstairs 4