Virtual House Tour

  • Front of house

    Front of House

    Alpha Chi Omega

  • Formal living room

    Formal Living Room

    This is our formal living room. It's so pretty that it is often the background of many date party pictures!

  • Dining Room

    Dining Room

    This is our dining room where we eat meals, socialize, craft, and study.

  • Phone Booth

    Phone Booth

    This is where our mailboxes and fax machine are located.

  • study 4

    Study Room

    This is our study room. It is 24 hours quiet, and it is a great place for girls to come and get work done.

  • Together let us seek the heights study room

    "Together Let Us Seek The Heights"

    This is Alpha Chi Omega's motto.

  • study room 1

    Study Room

    We provide computers and printers for our sisters to use.

    study 2
    study 3
  • Downstairs bathroom

    Downstairs Bathroom

    This is the lower-level bathroom for the girls that live downstairs. Each girl is given a small storage space for her toiletries.

  • downstairs 2

    Downstairs Room

    This is one of the 2-girl rooms. It comes with a desk and closet for each girl and a couch to share.

    downstairs room 1
  • Back TV Room

    Back TV Room

    This is our back TV room. It's a smaller "hangout" room where girls can gather with their sisters and watch TV or movies.

  • President's room

    President's Room

    This is the president's bedroom. The president and her roommate receive special treatment and are able to sleep with beds in their room.

  • Downstairs hallway

    Downstairs Hallway

    The downstairs hallway is shaped like a "U."

  • Academics board

    Academics Board

    On this board, we have information about our different academics, such as incentive programs and proctor study hours.

  • stairs

    Stairs and Foyer area

    This is our main entryway upon walking in the front doors to Alpha Chi Omega.

  • upstairs hallway

    Upstairs Hallway

    This is an upstairs hallway where all of the four-girl rooms are located.

  • upstairs bathroom

    Upstairs Bathroom

    This is one of the two upstairs bathrooms. Like in the downstairs bathroom, each girl receives a storage space to store her toiletries.

  • upstairs 1

    Upstairs Room

    This is one of upstairs rooms. All of them are four-girl rooms and come with a set of drawers, a closet, and a desk for each girl living in it.

    upstairs 2
    upstairs 3
    upstairs 4
  • Laundry Room

    Laundry Room

    This is our laundry room. There are three washers and four dryers. Laundry is free for all girls that live in-house.